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Komos beach

Komos in south Crete is now famous for its wonderful, long, sandy beach, but we mustn’t forget that it was once an ancient town with its own harbour.

The Minoan town of Komos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Heraklion Prefecture, about 64 kilometres south of Heraklion itself. However, what is visible today will mean very little to visitors unfamiliar with its significance in ancient times.

Komos has an impressive and beautiful beach, one of the largest in Crete, stretching all the way from Kalamaki to just before Matala.

There are no hotels or apartments for rent in Kommos but Kalamaki is just a short distance away, as are Matala, Kamilari, Sivas and Pitsidia.

There are plenty of hotels and rooms in all these places, while from Kalamaki you can walk to Kommos beach.

Kommos or Komos

On the archaeological site sign it’s spelled Komos, but many archaeological texts refer to it as Kommos with two “m”s. The second version is therefore probably the correct one, as signs are often misspelt.


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